23 Mar

In preparation for the upcoming industrial tomato campaign, ZINA gets a brand new tomato unloading and washing unit manufactured by Meccanica DIGAMA (Castel San Giorgio, Salerno, Italy).

The tomatoes are unloaded in washing tanks for an initial cleaning by means of water jets that gently clean the tomatoes, followed by extensive washing leading to the expulsion of the sludge (deposited at the bottom of the tank and pushed by a rubber scraper) and stones (frequently associated with the roots of tomato plants). Washing is performed in a tank made entirely of stainless steel (AISI 304, 3-mm thickness), in compliance with the European Commission legislation. Two blowers allow sparging in the washing water, thus facilitating the elimination of the majority of impurities.

ZINA cares about the quality of its products and is constantly equipped with innovative Italian food-industry technologies.