Tomate Blanche

Tomato Paste « Le Fort de Kélibia », white Design

The white design is the classic and historic design of our product. It reflects our decades of experience manufacturing and selling tomato paste.

Tomate rouge

Tomato Paste « Le Fort de Kélibia », Red Design

This is our newest product design, with a modernized logo and a style adapted to the needs of a wide range of our customers.

Our brand is named after the Punic Fort of Kélibia, built between 256-146 B.C. The current monument, resulting from centuries of fortification work, overlooks our industrial site and the hundreds of hectares of tomatoes grown on our fertile lands.

The method of cultivar selection and tomato processing technology, transmitted by our founder, have been modernized over the years to ensure outstanding quality of our product, while complying with legal and regulatory requirements.

“Le Fort de Kélibia” tomato paste is highly sought by our customers: fine texture, natural color and a taste with traditional flavors.

The Fort of Kélibia observed from ZINA’s industrial site, overlooking the coastal city of Kélibia, Cap Bon, Tunisia.

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